Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Life+ 2 Suitcases= Yeah Right!

You know, we spend our whole youth in school learning about the world and where we fit into it, yet I’m starting to realize how some of the things that we learned were really not applicable to our lives. I don't think that I've had any reason to use my knowledge of derivatives from A.P Calc at all since I left high school, but, I do find myself faced with a massive challenge that I was not adequately prepared for: Packing! Ugh....it sucks! Packing my life away into two suitcases is not my idea of a good time, nor is it easy by any means.

After hours spent in my room agonizing over my wardrobe, I think I have found a happy medium… maybe? It seems like everything is going to fit, but-seriously-I'm not 100% sure. I think I am going to have to find more things to weed out as the time gets closer. It doesn't seem possible since every article of clothing that I have packed now I actually wear on a regular basis. There are also things that I need to remember to bring that seem like they are unimportant, but when I get there would be something that I would want; nail clippers, for example. They may not seem important now, but 5 months without clipping my nails...ewww! I have also run into the issue of what to bring and what to buy there. Towels are not provided by my school and they suggest to bring them or buy them there, but I don't see how it is environmentally friendly for me to buy towels and throw them away after 5 months.

Also, the art of packing is no easy feat. Travel space bags, rolling my clothes, stuffing clothes into my shoes, and wearing the heaviest or the hardest clothes/shoes to pack: these are my tactics. They seem to be working, but I am open to any suggestions that anyone is willing to send my way.  I know that in Europe wearing the same clothes several times is more culturally acceptable than it is here, but I think that is going to be a hard mind set to let go of. I am so used to my routine that I think it is going to take some serious getting used to. Regardless of whether or not I can deal with wearing clothes over and over again, I am trying to prepare for all occasions and weather and it is really hard. I am packing for practically 3 seasons, which complicates things. I also am trying to think about traveling. For example, my friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Greece that requires a bathing suit. I also am thinking about hostels, which will most likely be my main form of accommodation when I am not in Bath, and you need shower shoes and a sleeping bag. Do you seem my predicament?! There is too much to think about and prepare for.

 But, I'm sure I have bored you all to death with my endless ranting. Other than packing, I haven’t really been doing much. I finally finished my student teaching application and sent it, which is a relief since it has been hanging over my head for my entire vacation. With my friends all either back at school or off in their study abroad countries, I’m feeling friend-sick. I think at this point it is almost harder to be at home than it would be to be abroad because I have nothing to focus on other than getting ready to go, and it is making me more and more anxious about going. With everything else that is going on, I’m really struggling with my enthusiasm. The excitement just isn’t there, unfortunately, and it is making it really hard to want to pack or to want to tie up the loose ends. But, just a couple of more days and I’ll be off. My next post will hopefully be from Bath, England!

I guess that is it for now. I welcome any suggestions that anyone has for me regarding packing. Trust me, anything is game!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A word to the wise...


Sorry it has been so long, but my mouth has been incapacitated for most of the past week so naturally my duty was to be a couch potato. And I must say, I was able to perform that duty excellently!

My wisdom teeth are gone, all four, and I must say it was not as bad as people told me it was going to be, but I also do not wish it on anyone. My mouth was really sore for several days and I literally could barely open it. The worst part was not being able to brush my teeth for a day or two...talk about gross. Although, now that the stitches are falling out they are getting caught on my gums and it is driving me CRAZY! I just want to rip them out but I can't :(

Regardless of the fact that I just had my wisdom teeth pulled, I have always wondered why they are called wisdom teeth so I looked it up. According to wisegeek.com they are called wisdom teeth because they usually emerge during the period of someone's life when they are supposed to be gaining some wisdom about the world. Imagine that! I get them pulled right before I leave the country for 5 months, talk about a coincidence!

Speaking of my trip, I have finally started to think about packing and how much stuff I am going to need, and let me tell you it seems to be more than I want it to be. I went to the UPS/Fed-Ex store the other day to inquire about shipping costs. Since I am only allowed to check one bag--that's right one--on the plane I was wondering what it would cost to send a box equivalent in weight to another full suitcase to England. Wait for it, Wait for it....$250!!!! And that was the smaller box...ahhh! So expensive. So, needless to say, I will not be  shipping anything that heavy anywhere, ever. Instead, I will be checking another bag for the small price of $40. What a difference! Now I just need to figure out the best way to navigate myself around a new country with all my stuff, packing light is not easy for me so this shall be interesting. But, that is all I really have to share for now. I will check in soon when the really nitty gritty packing has begun.